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Visited States Map (updated daily)
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Friday, October 3, 2014

Heading down 395

We enjoyed our visit with Mom and Jay! Jay's girls and family are very nice. The Fresno area has changed alot. We visited Joy Luck for my favorite Chinese food and In and Out for Ken's favorite burgers. We loved seeing Daddy Philip and Phil Jon's family, this is the Sanchez family that I spent much of my childhood with. We went to Clovis street fest, ran into my Aunt Marianne at the history museum and discovered a new favorite beer by Hanger 24, Orange wheat. Jay's family cabin in Bass Lake was the topic of conversation as it was barely spared by the Courtney fire. We went up to see if we could get through. It was several days before Mom and Jay were allowed to be escorted in. They we lucky with no major damage and since we left have been busy cleaning up the outside area.
On to Sparks, NV to visit with my Aunt Liz. We had fun catching up and gave Ken the chance to meet her. She is very sick at this time and we bless her and wish her God speed.
On our way South on 395 we encountered a storm front with heavy winds. We had to make a emergency stop that ended with a boondock overnight. The winds were so strong that the awning was being blown from the side of the RV and launching like a sail! We bundled up as it was cold and we did have some snow overnight.
We stayed at the Mammoth Lakes RV park for a couple of nights to prepare the RV for Convict Lake, as there aren't any hook ups. We enjoyed the area, some campfires with new friends, the Mammoth Brewery, and a wonderful birthday dinner at The Restaurant at Convict Lake. The Beef Wellington was great! We love the area so much that we have decided to stay a week. This will enable us to hike, fish, 4 wheeling in the Jeep with campfires every night. See photos of  our big trout catches!
Just a note should you need help or information while in Bishop,  CA stop by the Chamber of Commerce.  You will find Kristina Blum, she is an amazing young woman. Citizen of the year, Miss California contestant, and role model for young girls and anyone facing adversity.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Spring & Summer 2014

    Well, we have been lazy with the blog these last two seasons.  As we rolled our RV back to Texas for our beautiful daughters wedding, we were enticed by a resort near Decatur for a summer stay. Montana we will see you sometime!  The time in Texas has been filled with lots of family time and floating in the pool. We have discovered a great catfish place, Greenwood Cafe, by way of your family Doctor.  Ken has been busy researching quadcopters for fun and aerial photography potential. As the summer progressed the quadcopter has been built and flying is still being perfected.  Meanwhile,  I'v been busy with grandsons and children. We now have a total of 4 grandsons and a 5th to arrive in early 2015! Our day rides on the new to us Kawasaki Voyager's have been limited due to Ken's back strain.
    We will soon be leaving Texas heading to California to spend some time with Mom and meet her new husband Jay and other new family members. We plan to do some camping along the way to and from before heading back to Texas in early October. Then pick up the rest of our stuff and work our way back to Georgia for the winter.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

When you're having too much fun.....

You forget to update the blog! It's been a while so here goes the update. After leaving Chama, NM, we stopped over in Lake Dallas, TX to visit with our children and grandchildren for a few days. We enjoyed all of them! Then we headed to Thomasville, GA to the Fly-In. We attended last year and had so much fun we decided to go back. It makes for a fun time to meet up with our old high school friends Al & Tammy and Allan & Sherry. This year we pulled into the fly-in on Wednesday and ended up volunteering at the T-shirt/Thermal cup/ drink stand for the weekend. It was great fun and we met so many new friends! The highlight was touring the "Amelia Plane", it's an Electra that was used in the recent movie about Amelia Earhart. It was fully restored, beautiful and by far my pick for best plane at the fly in.
South Georgia enjoys a mild winter climate and we thought about looking for a house to land during the winters. Even though we enjoy full time traveling it's nice to have a place to work on your vehicles and play with the hobbies that we enjoy that are not so RV friendly. Originally we looked in Adel near our friends the Nix's, however we went to lunch one day in Lakeland and ended up buying a house there.  Ken grew up in Lakeland and had never thought about returning for any great length of time. It's a small town and not much going on. Ken's cousin, Miss Nell has been wonderful in welcoming us back to town. We have been volunteering for all kinds of things, meeting and re meeting new/old friends and family. Attending the Patten family reunion was great fun. The house we chose sits on 3 acres, half of it wooded, the other half in grass/pecan trees and a small lake that is shared with the Chadwick family. Ken actually watched this house being built in 1970 by the Mims family. The house passed from the parents to Betty Gayle (daughter) whom never married. After her passing about 2 years ago the house has sat fully furnished in the 70's motif. Move in ready as Sue (the realtor) said! Good thing for us as we emptied the RV and moved right in. We love the house and the property most of all. It's quiet and feels like a nature preserve. It fact one morning we enjoyed a flock of buzzards attacking road kill near the end of our driveway. There must have been about 20 of them. It is after all a small town.
Homebrew beer has been a long time hobby. We have explored the possibility of a brew pub/tap room/brewery in Lakeland. We are not quite sure what direction it will take at this point but we are still in a discovery phase. We have plenty to keep us busy with a few updates to the house and bringing our personalities into our winter home.
After a diligent search, we located and acquired a pair of Kawasaki Voyager XII's (1991 and 2001) and a Time Out tent trailer to pull behind Ken's bike. We love to ride and were on the hunt for touring bikes that will stay with us for awhile. We will be heading down to Bike Week this Monday with our brother Jerry and are looking forward to a  warm and dry ride. We will soon be heading back out to Texas for awhile to marry off our daughter Kristin. During our absence, friends will be looking after the winter home in Lakeland.

When we leave Texas, we will embark on another new and exciting adventure...Please follow along!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September in Chama, NM

We have enjoyed our stay in Chama so much that we chose to stay 2 months instead of the one that we had planned. We have met some really nice people while we were here. Jerald and Dee, we look forward to fishing, tying flies and hanging out with you guys. Harry and Linda, we have enjoyed sitting by the many campfires and hearing about the tales of the steam trains and fishing with Linda. Bob and Lonnie, we had so much fun sharing late afternoon conversations with you and supplying Bob with some new flies. Mike and Diane, always have some interesting motorcycle stories to share. Mark and Ginger, our new Bluebird friends. Thanks for sharing your bird with us and Ginger keep making those wonderful feather ear rings! Hope some of my new fly tying tricks help, loved sharing a trout dinner potluck and stories/updates of our old Lone Star Bird friends that we share in common.
Rob and Mary, the managers of the Little Creel Resort. We have so enjoyed long conversations with both of you. You have made us feel so very welcome in the relaxing environment of your park. We highly recommend this park to anyone. This will be one of our many go to parks for summer stays.
The Village of Chama has been a wonderful experience for us. The people are friendly, the mountains are breath taking, Jeep off road trails are great, and the fishing is even better. I can't think of a better place to learn how to fly fish and develop my fly tying skills. All the wild life of Elk, Deer, Black Bears and wild Turkeys are a joy to watch. We will be leaving here soon with fond memories of our wonderful stay here in the Chama Valley.

More Chama Area Pics

Exploring some of the native history on the way to Farmington

A 1900"s homestead 

This ruin in it's day was 3 stories tall and had somewhere between 250 to 300 rooms in all.

You can still see some of the timbers that were the ceiling of this bottom floor room.
The floors were made of straw, wood and yucca fibers.

This is the grand Kiva. The main meeting place and where the celebrations took place. 

Looking back to the main ruins.

These ruins are on the banks of the San Juan River.

Sharlene getting the mud off the Jeep after a day of fishing at Trout Lakes

Our neighbor Jerald the best fishing and mud buddy!

Ken at Lake Brazos. No fish today but he did catch some crawdads!

Another awesome day of fishing at the Trout Lakes! A limit catch day!

Taking a break after exploring the Colorado back roads and Conejos  River.

Our friend Harry driving the train.

A beautiful day at Pagosa Springs Resort

Enjoying the waterfall of 98* 

The Springs has 27 thermal hot springs pools ranging from 114*  the Lobster Pot to a 86* Blue  Lagoon lap pool. We spent a relaxing afternoon soaking in a variety  of the pools.

The Springs flows in the San Juan River.

The end of a wonderful day in Pagosa Springs. We enjoyed some local Mexican/ New Mexican  cuisine  overlooking the Springs.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Few Pics Made In and Around Chama

Climbing  the grade from Santa Fe to Chama

The La Clinica bus during the Chama Days Parade...this is THE Hospital here!

Chama Days Parade

Count 'em...2 out of 3 Chevys require towing to be in a parade!

No parade would be complete without Shriners and go-karts!

I have wanted to ride one of these since I was a kid!

This is Lynn and Janelle. We bumped into them after noticing their Burgman  scooters.  Sharlene and I enjoyed wonderful conversation with these nice folks for a couple hours. Lynn and I enjoyed talking about old motorcycles...this guy knows his stuff about "old" bikes!

Stopping for a break on the way up to fish

Raining at the Trout Lakes

OK, so it eventually happens...I buried the Jeep in mud! This is  me with Jerald after being pulled out.

My poor, dirty Jeep!

Fishing at Trout Lake

Winch added the day after getting stuck in mud up on the mountain...

Two pounder!!!

Dinner ride on the train

Sharlene on the dinner ride up to Cumbres Pass (Colorado)

This train once belonged to Gene Autry!

Sharlene with Hank. We met Hank during the dinner ride...Hank volunteers at the Toltec & Cumbres and offered to give us a tour of the rail yard. Thanks, Hank!!!


These folks are PROUD!!!

Out for a drive in the mountains

Looking South from "Kodak Rock"

More Parade Pics

Trujillo Reservoir (Colorado)

Looking South From Cumbres Pass

Nice weather here!!!

This is the Rio Chama (about 50 feet from our RV)

We are about 10 miles South of Colorado

One of the many views from the mountains

On the way to our "secret" fly fishing stream

Our "secret" stream is pretty high!!!

My Beautiful I a lucky man or what!!!!

Sharlene at "Kodak Rock"